About the Ticket Rangers

Ticket Rangers is THE Attraction Ticket Comparison site created and launched in 2018 by us... Phil, Julie, Niall and Martha; a young family that have a passion for all things Florida.

We try to make the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ trip over from the UK to the US of A as often as our purse strings allow and with two pre-school aged children, saving money and finding the best value is paramount to us. Especially on a purchase as big and important as our park tickets! And so that is how Ticket Rangers came to be; we decided that if we could make such good savings and find the best deals ourselves, then we could share this information with all of the families out there who want to have their trip of a lifetime, but worry that the cost is too high or that the deal isn't right for them.

At Ticket Rangers we use our extensive knowledge of the US and UK ticket markets and combine it with your individual specifications and needs, and find the most well suited tickets for your family at the most affordable price. To do this we compare the deals and prices of tickets from the biggest, best and trusted ticket sellers on the web.

Meet The Team...

Daddy Ticket Ranger
Phil is a proud Dad and Husband, and it was he that came up with the fabulous idea that is Ticket Rangers. His skills in spreadsheet making and money saving are legendary and cannot be matched. Phil loves rollercoasters - the scarier, the better!
And as cool and calm as he makes out he is, if you could see him in Magic Kingdom during those fireworks, you would see the magic of Disney personified.
Favourite Park
Busch Gardens
Favourite Character
Mammy Ticket Ranger
Julie is Harry Potter crazy! She loves being a Mammy and Wife and enjoys nothing more than seeing the joy in her family’s faces when they are having adventures. She is a real organiser, and the build up and planning part of a Florida vacation is all part of the excitement of spending time in the Sunshine State.
Julie is a very proud Hufflepuff and complete Disney geek. Breakfast is her favourite meal of the day, especially Denny's pancakes!
Favourite Park
Universal's Islands of Adventure
Favourite Character
Junior Ticket Ranger
Niall is 6 years old and is a kind, polite and a genuinely funny young man. He loves superheroes and villains and is a huge fan of Disney movies! He is also obsessed with WWE, which conveniently is based in Florida! He has visited Florida aged 2, 4 and 4 and a half years old, and was a huge fan of Chuck-E-Cheese on our last trip (Gee, thanks YouTube!). He wakes up every single day and tells us he wishes he was in Florida right now because it makes him so happy! If that’s not motivation to save for our next trip, I don’t know what is.
Favourite Park
Hollywood Studios
Favourite Character
Darth Vader
Mini Ticket Ranger
What do you say about Martha? You know those whirlwinds that tear through towns on cartoons... Meet the youngest Ticket Ranger!
She is hilarious, loving and a real one off! When learning to talk, the vast majority of her first words were Disney related - ‘Pooh Beya!’
And now at 3 years old, she is Disney princess obsessed! Florida was her very first holiday, and she managed to make every character she met fall in love with her, and every photographer laugh, that really does sum up Martha!
Favourite Park
Magic Kingdom
Favourite Character

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