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Published: 11/03/2019

The Marvellous Captain Marvel

This last weekend saw International Women’s Day coincide with the release of Captain Marvel.

And that CAN NOT be a coincidence!
Because let me tell you, I have 100% decided that when I grow up, I want to be Captain Marvel. And, rather unachievably, so does my husband!

What a girl though, I mean this girl can!!

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Our family are huge fans of the lovable bear Winnie the Pooh, and his band of merry (or not so merry in Eeeyore’s case) woodland friends, so we have been really looking forward to seeing the live action film, Disney’s Christopher Robin.

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Published: 30/07/2018

Just as Incredible as we had hoped!

After an incredibly long wait for the sequel of an incredibly brilliant superhero movie, we were incredibly excited for the... OK OK, I’ll stop with all the incredibly annoying but incredibly brilliant Incredible puns and get to the point -

We have been to the cinema to see The Incredibles 2!

Now, taking two pre-schoolers to the movies can be rather stressful! But it can also be incredibly fun too (I promise that was the last one.)

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