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When you think of Aladdin, if you are anything like me, you think of Robin Williams as the hilarious Genie.

So taking on that role for anyone will be a big ask, especially in a live action version of the Disney Classic.

But then up steps Will Smith and you start to think 'Well if anyone can...'

Last night saw the first official trailer aired during the Grammys, and we got to finally see our new lamp dwelling, wish making, joke cracking Genie in all his blue glory, and over here at Ticket Rangers HQ, we liked what we saw! 


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Hang on to your hats cowboys, the new TV advert for the much anticipated Toy Story 4 movie was aired last night after the Super Bowl LIII.

It sees Woody and Bo Peep turning up at a carnival and waiting for Buzz to arrive. Little do they know that he won't show because he has been taken and added as a top prize in a carnival game!

While there he meets two of the new characters, who we had previously seen in the last teaser trailer.

I am not quite sure who is more excited for this, us or the kids!!

(Thats a lie, it is definitely us!!)

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Today is the REAL first day of the new year for the Ticket Ranger family - this morning the alarm clock goes off and we re-start the daily routine of school runs, childcare drop offs and then head off to work ourselves!

The day the Christmas festivities officially have to come to an end (Eating Celebrations for breakfast aside...)


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There are A LOT of changes coming to Epcot in the next couple of years, with a park wide transformation planned that will see a new 'Guardian's of the Galaxy' rollercoaster in the main part of the park, a 'Ratatouille” attraction across in the World Showcase and an exciting new Table Service restaurant planned opposite Mission: SPACE, which we will be making sure to eat at AFTER braving the Orange Mission! (If you know, you know!).  These are among many proposed plans that is set to wow guests, while making sure to keep true to the park's original vision.

The latest change that has just been announced is quite a surprise, although after 20 years it really shouldn't be!

Disney have just announced that they will be replacing the popular night-time visual show IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth with an all new Firework spectacular at the end of Summer 2019.


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Published: 17/09/2018

The Return of Mary Poppins...

The wind's in the east, there's a mist coming in, like something is brewing, about to begin...

And just like that, Disney have made our Monday practically perfect in every way, by sharing with us the official trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, which will be gracing our screens here in the UK on December 21st 2018 (If you are in the USA, it is released a couple of days earlier on the 19th.) 

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Welcome to our new feature – Ticket Rangers Recommend.

There are so many awesome things to do on your holiday, and we know how difficult it can be to narrow it down to fit into your break in the Sunshine State, so we thought it might be a little help if we recommended some of the things we have personally particularly enjoyed - from things such as particular rides, shows or character meets, to visiting places outside of the theme parks and sharing our favourite restaurants or activities that don’t require Mickey ears! :)

However, for the first instalment you WILL need to grab that hairband and pop it on, because we are starting with the Big Guy himself… Meeting Mickey Mouse!

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Our family are huge fans of the lovable bear Winnie the Pooh, and his band of merry (or not so merry in Eeeyore’s case) woodland friends, so we have been really looking forward to seeing the live action film, Disney’s Christopher Robin.

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If you have ever read something along the lines of this...

"AK has EMH on Monday so will try and get there early to do FoP as I couldn’t get a FP+ and I have an ADR at TH for a CB”

and just stared at the screen in confusion, then this is the blog post for you!

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Published: 03/08/2018

Toy Story Land, the story so far...

So here at Ticket Rangers HQ, we have been VERY excited for the new Toy Story Land to open in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and we have been doing lots of research to make upcoming trips to the popular new land run as smoothly as possible.

The Pixar movie themed area opened on June 30th and we thought we would do a round up of how the first month has fared. As always we will try to give lots of of hints, tips and general information that will hopefully help you if you are, like us, meticulously planning your first visit to explore with Andy’s toys!


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Published: 30/07/2018

Just as Incredible as we had hoped!

After an incredibly long wait for the sequel of an incredibly brilliant superhero movie, we were incredibly excited for the... OK OK, I’ll stop with all the incredibly annoying but incredibly brilliant Incredible puns and get to the point -

We have been to the cinema to see The Incredibles 2!

Now, taking two pre-schoolers to the movies can be rather stressful! But it can also be incredibly fun too (I promise that was the last one.)

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