Today, Seaworld Orlando finally unveiled it's new water raft ride - Infinity Falls.

The much anticipated new watercaoster has the highest drop of any ride of it's kind, and according to very early reviews from the lucky few who have been the first to ride, it really is as awesome as it looks.

Right from the fantastically themed Rainforest Expedition queue area (with only the lack of shade in the blazing sunshine letting it down slightly), to the fact that these whitewater rapids are some one the most fierce in the whole of Orlando, meaning with every twist and turn you are going to end up absolutely drenched! So maybe pack a spare outfit...!!


There are caved areas in which you are sprayed and squirted, and there are small and large drops in which you, according to one review, 'bounce off the walls and land back with such force in the heavy rapids that your raft becomes partially submerged in the water!' 

Yeah, did we mention to pack a change of clothes...?

And then to the main focal point of the ride from afar, the vertical structure which houses a 'lift' that carries your raft straight up to the highest point, 40 foot above the ground, to the finale, the big one, the drop that gives the ride it's name!

And the lucky first riders all say the same thing... it gets a very wet, very soggy, very screamy two thumbs up!!

We can't wait to try it out!

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