Published: 30/07/2018

Just as Incredible as we had hoped!

Off to the movies!
Off to the movies!

After an incredibly long wait for the sequel of an incredibly brilliant superhero movie, we were incredibly excited for the... OK OK, I’ll stop with all the incredibly annoying but incredibly brilliant Incredible puns and get to the point -

We have been to the cinema to see The Incredibles 2!

Now, taking two pre-schoolers to the movies can be rather stressful! But it can also be incredibly fun too (I promise that was the last one.)

Junior Ticket Ranger, Niall, is a HUGE superhero fan, so it comes as no surprise that he has been counting down the days to go and see it, and what will be even less surprising is that our movie night choice for the past few weeks has been The Incredibles!

(Shop Disney UK and Disney Store US currently have the original movie on sale if you haven’t seen it, it is great!)

The kids loved their Incredibles T-Shirts
The kids loved their Incredibles T-Shirts

Now, as we are a little bit nerdy like that, we like to make a big deal out of any new Disney movies coming out, and so we surprised the kids with their very own special t-shirts to wear.
They were thrilled with them, and Niall insisted that we called him Dash for the remainder of the day.
Everyone from other cinema goers to the staff serving us our popcorn commented on the kids’ tops, they felt like little celebrities!
Martha enjoyed the attention and Niall spent the day walking round with his chest puffed out that little bit further and running as fast as he could just like his new namesake, which was super cute!

The t-shirts themselves are great quality, and the black cuffed sleeves and neck against the bright red really make it stand out. We also sized up so as to get a nice long wear out of them.

For the lady in the ice cream line who asked where we got them, and for anyone else who might want to have a look, here are the links for you guys :)

T-Shirts UK

Girls US
Boys US

Sharing popcorn
Sharing popcorn

Before we dish up our thoughts on the movie (Spoiler alert, we LOVED it!) we thought we would share our top tips for visiting the cinema with two small superheroes, and please feel free to share yours with us in the comments, we will take all the help we can get haha

  • Let them run around A LOT before they go inside!

  • Pre book your seats so that you can leave it until the very last minute to go and sit down, the less time they have to sit still, the better!

  • Make sure they have JUST been to the toilet/have a fresh nappy! (Seems like an obvious one, but the amount of times I have, I mean the kids have, missed a vital part of the storyline because they needed to visit the restroom mid-movie is too many to count!)

  • If they need to get up and have a little walk, take them down to the entrance doors, there is usually quite a good little walkway away from the screen itself where you can still see the film, but where you can let them have a little stretch without interrupting anyone.

  • Don’t fill them with too much sugar! As tempting as it is to load up on everything in the foyer, we have found letting them choose ONE thing each is the perfect amount. Last thing you want is a hyped up child in a confined area, trust us, we speak from experience… *shakes fist at fizzy drink counter

  • Explain the ‘cinema rules’ before the movie starts. Ours go like this - you must try and stay in your seat, you need to be respectful of others around you who are watching the film, and once the treats are gone, they’re gone.

  • Finally, try to relax and don’t worry too much if they are a little talkative or fidgeting more than you’d hoped. The whole screen will be likely be filled with kids that are doing the same. You are watching a kid’s movie, nobody is expecting ‘library silence’.
Martha is incredible!
Martha is incredible!

So what did we think??

As you may have figured out by now, we are big Incredibles fans, and this has been a much anticipated trip to the flicks. I am happy to report, we were not disappointed!

For those of you who don’t know the story of the first movie, The Incredibles are a family of Superheroes, -A Mom, Dad, and 3 kids who have to try to live a normal ‘non-supers’ life after Mr Incredible is sued saving someone who didn’t want to be saved and superheroes become banned by the government.

However, normal day to day jobs are not enough for Bob, the father of the family, and he is soon back to secretly fighting villains and saving the world, that is until he gets himself into trouble and it is up to the rest of his super family to come to his rescue.

So while the first film focused mostly on the male lead, The Incredibles 2 is all about Girl Power and it is the turn of Helen, who as well as the mother of the family, is also Elastigirl, a real tough superhero, to go back to saving the world and trying to change the law regarding Superheroes. Meanwhile it is Bob’s turn to hold down the fort at home with Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack.

Which is easier said than done since he has no idea about Math homework, isn’t great at understanding teenage girl problems, or that Jack-Jack, their toddler son, also secretly has super powers!

Incredibles 2 treats!
Incredibles 2 treats!

Incredibles 2 is full of action, has a great storyline, quite the plot twist and is actually pretty hilarious, no matter your age! As adults we actually laughed out loud in places, so you can imagine how much the kids giggled throughout, and it helps that a lot of the humour is so relatable to us parents. This is something that Disney always does so well – since they know they are going to get our kids addicted to it and that we will have to watch these movies hundreds of times on repeat, they make sure to appeal to the grown ups, which I am sure you appreciate as much as we do!

A special confused mention has to go to the rather bizarre short film that is on just before the movie starts. It’s a bit of a Pixar tradition these days to have a little story before hand and they are often a little bit left field. This one certainly fits that mould, and even takes up a notch.

If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what we mean :) And if you haven’t, all I will say is if you are thinking of sneaking in any snacks, don’t choose Chinese dumplings...

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