Published: 20/07/2018

Introducing the Ticket Rangers

Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for (Woooah, oh oh oh oooohhhh)

Apologies... The Greatest Showman just took over me, as it does occasionally - I know you know what I mean!

Anyway, hello to you all, and welcome to the all singing, all dancing, Disney obsessed, Harry Potter packed, little bit nerdy but oh so cool brand new blog of the Ticket Rangers!

This is our first post in what is to become our online journal of all things Florida travel related, we do hope that you will join us on our adventures.

As an Orlando, Florida obsessed family, starting a blog dedicated to talking about our favourite place in the world is pretty much a dream come true! Getting to chat to likeminded Florida fanatics about Magic Kingdom, water parks, the best type of butterbeer (FYI - they're all amazing!) and all of the millions of other magical things that make holidaying in the Sunshine State so amazing seems like a job that we were born to do… Plus if it means we possibly need to take our lovely family there as often as possible for, you know, ‘research purposes’ then Hot Dog, count us in!

As giddy as all of that makes us, the reason behind how this blog came to be is even more exciting...

We are running this blog alongside our new venture in to the wonderful world of website owners, as we finally get to unveil our new Florida attraction tickets price comparison site,


So first of all, who are we?

Well, in summary, we can effortlessly rap every single word to Maui's 'Thank you' from Moana, we regularly use Hogwarts spells in our day to day life and let's be honest we eat, sleep and breathe purely for Denny's breakfasts.

We are two very proud parents (whos ages are to be undisclosed, but if anyone asks we are 21 ok...), to a son and big brother, aged 4 and a half, and a baby daughter and little sister, who is nearly two years old.

And together we are THE TICKET RANGERS!

We are a typical family with two pre-school children... well slept, well groomed and living in an immaculately tidy house….hahahaha JOKE! Take the image that description conjured up and flip it on its head, and there you will have us.

Basically, since we have a toddler and a pre-schooler, we haven’t slept for at least 4 years and 10 months, which is coincidentally the same time baby number 1 popped out! Because just when our darling son started to sleep, we went and had another one and started all over again with the night feeds and the nappy changes, and the teething. Oh the teething :’(

But as tired as we are, and despite the number of grey hairs we have on our heads doubling by the day, we are a very happy bunch, and these lovely rascals make us happier than we even knew it was possible to be.

We are Mammy Ranger, Daddy Ranger, Junior Ranger and Mini Ranger, otherwise known as Julie, Phil, Niall and Martha, and we make it our mission to find other families and Florida holiday makers out there the very best  Orlando ticket deals for your holiday to the magic!

If you've ever dreamt about visiting Florida, whether that be on your own, as a couple or with your family, but thought you could never realistically afford it, we are here to help make those dreams come true with all the help you need to find the best deals out there on your Orlando attraction tickets.  There is so much choice, whether you are buying Disney World tickets, Universal Studios tickets or want any other Orlando tickets, Ticket Rangers has you covered.

But we don't stop there, oh no!

If you've never been before, or have visited once, twice, three times or even if you have been visiting 4 times a year for the last 30 years we have all of the info you'll need in one place to help you succesfully plan and book your next visit.

We are aiming to help you with all things Florida vacay related, from tips on how to beat the queues to sharing the very best deals each week on flights, car hire and accommodation amongst other things.

Planning a holiday to the Sunshine State can be rather daunting - we get asked constantly by friends and family where to start as there is so much to take in that it can actually be quite intimidating, both for a newbie and seasoned visitors alike. We are hoping that with our website, blog and social media we can take some of the stress out of it by offering advice, hints and tips and most importantly - finding you the very best deals on the most affordable tickets.

As a young family, we understand how difficult it can be to afford such an extravagant vacation, and how much saving and planning can go in to it. We know you can spend hours and hours scrutinising every aspect of the holiday to save money where possible, and we know this because on every trip we have done just that.

In fact, that is where the the idea for our website came from. Before each trip, Phil would spend hours and hours making detailed spreadsheets; keeping track of the prices and options available from each of the many ticket sellers, meticulously working out which ticket had park hopping, included fees, credit card charges and postage, which ticket inlcuded freebies and whether buying a combo ticket would be cheaper than buying individual park tickets. It is exhausting just reading that!

So to help other people out there, Phil offered to share his spreadsheets with the members of some Florida forums we used to see if it could help anyone else out there as much as it had helped us, and BOOM, everyone LOVED it.

We had hundreds of messages from people who were so appreciative of Phil for creating such a handy tool, and thanking us for saving them lots of time and money. Thousands of people were using his spreadsheet and getting the best deals from them, and the sense of pride we got from this was unbelievable.

Florida is such a magical place, and the fact that we were helping towards enabling other muggles just like us to be able to afford it really made us happy.

And with that, Ticket Rangers was born!

So here we go, turning our love and knowledge of Florida into our livelihood, and our passion for helping as many people out there as possible to experience the best place in the world, at the best possible price.

As the big man himself said... "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -- Walt Disney

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