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There are lots of new experiences coming to all 4 of Florida's Walt Disney World theme parks this year, but there are also some Time- Limited experiences that will be around for, as the name suggests, a limited time!

And the very exciting news coming out of Disney this week is details about Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration finally being announced!

From January 18th 2019 until, as far as we understand it, the end of September, Magic Kingdom will play host to a lot of new entertainment, characters, music and fun!

The big news of today is that Mickey Mouse will be joined by his gal, Minnie, in the Town Square Theater for the surprise celebration, and they will also be wearing their very special celebration outfits!! Fastpasses for this meet and greet will be available.

This is great news, as it has been quite a long time since the two appeared together in Magic Kingdom so visitors between January and September will be in for a real treat!

There will be a new Celebration Station inside the Town Square Theater too, where you can sign a special guestbook to tell Mickey an Minnie how much you enjoyed your visit.

Due to Minnie hot footing it over to Main Street to be with the Big Guy, Pluto will be covering her shift over at Pete’s Silly Sideshow until she returns.

Also, in other character news, Chip and Dale won’t be available for meet and greet in Magic Kingdom during the Surprise Celebrations, although they will still be able to be seen in the all new Move It, Shake It, MousekeDance It Street Party several times daily.

Disney have confirmed that there will not be a specific timetable of characters in replacement of the Rescue Rangers, but that there will be a number of different ones throughout the celebrations.

Fans are hoping this will mean they will get to meet some of the more obscure, rarely seen characters on their visit.

There are 2 new musical numbers being showcased throughout the Surprise Celebrations too, one of which will be in the Street Party – and all we know about this is that it will be called ‘It’s a Good Time’. Secondly, the Dapper Dans and other Main Street U.S.A entertainers will be singing new songs in celebration of Minnie and Mickey.

And what party would be complete without some new, tasty treats!! There are MANY new Minnie and Mickey themed food and drinks available, as well as all the goodies you can think of in the merchandise shops!

What are you most excited for?

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