Before we start, let us just put your mind at rest if you are planning your holiday of a lifetime... there is NO bad time to visit Walt Disney World. There are ‘quieter’ times, which in our experience do help to enhance the enjoyment due to shorter wait times and lower crowds, but in all honestly, there is no such thing as a quiet time at Disney!

Yes, it is true that Disney World can get extremely busy at certain times of the year, that is undeniable, but with forward planning and realistic expectations, it is and always will be the most magical place on Earth!

Many British families are limited to when they can visit WDW because of their children’s school holidays, and unsurprisingly this means that prices and crowd levels are higher than at other times of the year.

Of course, this means that if you are not restricted by the dates of school hols, then you are likely to find that the price and crowd levels come down.

Once you have factored in British school holidays, you then need to take into account US public holidays and school schedules. Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Spring Break and Presidents Day etc all have a huge impact on the busiest times of the year to visit.

Another huge factor when it comes to crowd levels is the opening of new attractions. We have seen in the past the effect on wait times and visitor numbers were impacted by the opening of Pandora in 2017 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios in 2018.

However, we visited Disney during both of those years, and although it was slightly busier than ‘usual’ during those times, with good use of fast passes and planning it didn’t affect our holiday or experience and we managed to ride everything we wanted to, including the new rides.

Saying that, none of the new attractions have been on the scale of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which is set to open in two phases, Phase One was opened on August 29th 2019. This land will bring in A LOT of people, Star Wars is one of the biggest movie franchises in the world, and fans are going to be flooding to it in their droves.
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are looking likely to be EXTREMELY busy because of this, so please do take this into account when booking and/or planning your park days.

There are a lot of tools online that can help you, such as Crowd Level Calculators and Busy Day Guides etc – Undercover Tourist have some very handy tools over on their site that we usually find are quite reliable.

We have found that to be able to enjoy Disney during times with the ‘least’ crowds, you have to take some of the ‘downsides’ that come with smaller visitor numbers.

For example, certain weeks in January and February can be a good time to visit but you have to be aware that some of the more popular rides and water parks will be getting maintenance work done to them during these times, so it is likely that some attractions, such as Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids, will be closed for refurbishment.

September is usually regarded amongst Disney visitors as the quietest time to visit, due to the British school holidays being over and the children returning to school. However it is right at the peak of Orlando’s rainy season, and thunderstorms and afternoons downpours are usually guaranteed.

The introduction of special events such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party also means that the crowd levels are beginning rise as people come into the parks for these limited time parties.

With all of this considered, Ticket Rangers would advise that the following times look likely to be the ‘best’ times to visit Walt Disney World.

The best times to visit Disney World are...

  • Late January (after the WDW Marathon Weekend)
  • February (Aside from Presidents Day week – third week of Feb)
  • Weekdays in May (Since Easter falls in April for the foreseeable future, schools will be in session so weekdays should be relatively moderate)
  • Late August
  • September 
  • Early October (Pre Halloween)
  • November (NOT Thanksgiving week!)
  • Early December

As previously stated, this takes into consideration the previous few years’ attendances, but with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge it is really just a guessing game from September 2019 onwards, although crowds have seemed to increase itdoesn't seem to be having a MAJOR impact on crowd levels.

All we DO know is that it will be busier than normal, and you should plan accordingly.

In our opinion, having visited at all different times of the year, here are no right or wrong times to visit Walt Disney World - it is just that some times are a little less busy, a little less expensive and a little less oven like!

Everyone has their own favourite time to visit, what is yours?


If you are planning on visting Walt Disney World, please feel free to get in touch and we, here at Ticket Rangers, can help you to compare the prices of your holiday and find you the best deals on everything from flights to tickets, and we even have exclusive discount codes for money off on-site stays and attraction tickets! 

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