We have some very exciting news for all the Potter fans out there, especially you Slytherins…

Universal Studios have announced that there is a brand new, night-time projection light show coming to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and forget the nice jolly music and the Hogwarts house colours and Yule Ball vibes of the past projections, this bad boy is just that… a bad boy!

‘Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle’ is due to light up the famous Hogwarts building at Universal’s Island’s of Adventure later this year!

Official dates are yet to be announced, but details such as what to expect from the lights, music and special effects sound AMAZING!

An exclusive musical arrangement will be ringing out provided by the London Symphony Orchestra, the projections will include Death Eaters, the Dark Mark, Aragog, and Thestrals, and the special effects will see the show culminating in He Who Shall Not Be Named himself being conjured, before Lord Voldermort and the dark creatures are warded off by a Patronus charm, although the wizard or witch that casts the charm is still unknown… Personally I am rooting for Neville!

It all sounds VERY powerful and magical!

We have been lucky enough to see the previous shows that have been illuminating Hogwarts in the past and they are absolutely breathtaking, so we have absolutely no doubts in our mind that this one will also take our breath away, and not just cos of the Dementors… (OK, OK, I know, they suck your soul out, but that doesn’t fit with my joke!)

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