Published: 11/03/2019

The Marvellous Captain Marvel

Image Credit - Marvel Studios
Image Credit - Marvel Studios

This last weekend saw International Women’s Day coincide with the release of Captain Marvel.

And that CAN NOT be a coincidence!
Because let me tell you, I have 100% decided that when I grow up, I want to be Captain Marvel. And, rather unachievably, so does my husband!

What a girl though, I mean this girl can!!

We were lucky enough to go along on opening day to see the movie. And not only that, but we got to see it on the first day of the brand new ScreenX at Cineworld in the Gate at Newcastle. More of that later, first up – the film!

As HUGE Marvel fans, we had high hopes. And we are very pleased to say that we were not disappointed!

Image Credit - Marvel Studios
Image Credit - Marvel Studios

Before this film was released, Captain Marvel was, in all honestly, one of the ‘lesser known’ Marvel characters, and unless you are a fan of the comics then it is unlikely that you had heard of her before the final scene of Infinity War, in which Nick Fury seems to get in contact with her as a final ditch attempt to save the world.

And this film certainly shows why she is the one that Fury goes to when the going gets tough!

I don’t want to give any spoilers for people that are yet to see the film, so I will just give a brief synopsis of the storyline here…

‘Veers’, Brie Larson’s character, is living amongst the Kree, on the planet Hala, and she is ultimately one of them after being adopted and trained by them six years earlier.

She has flash backs and strange memories about places and people in her previous life that she can’t remember anything about.

The Kree (an alien race which we had previously seen on Guardian’s of the Galaxy) are at war against the Skrulls, enemy aliens, and as the two alien worlds begin battle, we find out just how important to the Marvel World, ‘Veers’, or Carol Danvers, really is!

Image Credit - Marvel Studios
Image Credit - Marvel Studios

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, it was typical from what we have came to expect from an MCU film - full of action, humour and really did have me captivated from beginning to end. As a big Girl Power advocate, it was fantastic to see such a strong, kick – ass character brought to the big screen, and to see the impact she has on the whole Marvel Universe. The girl got power!

It answers questions about previous movies, fills in some blanks and leaves you guessing what will happen in the future, which is all great signs of a cracking Marvel film, I am sure you will agree. We came out of the cinema buzzing with chatter, talking about what had just happened and what could happen next etc, and now, a couple of days later, we are still full of excitement talking about it!

One thing I will add, and I am sure you Marvel fans out there will already know, but apparently half of our screen didn’t… make sure you stay for the extra scenes at the end.

All Marvel films have post credit scenes which give hints and clues to the next film in the series, and this film has two, so stay comfy in your seat once the movie ends and be sure to wait for them.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to say that we really enjoyed the fitting and emotional tribute to Stan Lee that was worked into the opening title card logo. Our screen burst into a round of applause afterwards, which isn’t a typical ‘English’ thing to do, so in my opinion just goes to show how highly he was regarded amongst fans.

And his first posthumous cameo… well, no spoilers but it’s a one to remember for Stan Lee fans.


Now this film was brilliant in it’s own right, but enjoying it in ScreenX was an experience in itself!

For anyone that hasn’t heard of it, ScreenX is the new immersive cinema experience that has launched in the UK, exclusive to Cineworld.
There are already a few opened throughout the country that launched in 2018, unfortunately for us Northerners they were mostly down South in and around London. The closest one to us before now was in Leeds. Check where your closest ScreenX is here

However, Newcastle have just secured the latest instalment, and so we were very excited to go along for it’s opening day debut…

and all we can say is WOW!

From the reclining seats that made me quite possibly the comfiest I have ever been for a film, excluding lying on our couch in my pyjamas, to the fully immersive 270-degree viewing experience that surrounds you in your seat on the three walls in your view, it was just fantastic.

The trailers before hand really showcased the new technology and got us right in the mood for some surround screen and sound action, check Ted popping up in one below… #cineworldscreenx

Not all scenes are shown in 270-degree, and you don’t need to worry about moving your head left and right to catch anything, all of the action still goes on right in front of you, the surrounding walls just extend the scene, really making you feel like you are in amongst the action, totally encompassing you!

I am excited to see more movies on this screen in the future, especially action packed movies such as the Marvel series.

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