Welcome to our new feature – Ticket Rangers Recommend.

There are so many awesome things to do on your holiday, and we know how difficult it can be to narrow it down to fit into your break in the Sunshine State, so we thought it might be a little help if we recommended some of the things we have personally particularly enjoyed - from things such as particular rides, shows or character meets, to visiting places outside of the theme parks and sharing our favourite restaurants or activities that don’t require Mickey ears! :)

However, for the first instalment you WILL need to grab that hairband and pop it on, because we are starting with the Big Guy himself… Meeting Mickey Mouse!

If you are holidaying in Orlando, and are on our site, then you are likely going to be visiting Disney. And if you are going to Walt Disney World then having a cuddle with the main man himself will surely be top of your list of must dos!

Your pal and ours, Mickey Mouse, has a Meet and Greet in each park, and they are all themed differently.

He can also be seen in parades and shows in Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  Mickey is also available to meet at quite a few Character Meals in either the parks themselves or Disney resorts.

But for the purposes of this 'Ticket Rangers Recommend...' post we are going to stick with the classic Meet and Greets in each of the four Disney theme parks.

Magic Kingdom

In Magic Kingdom, Mickey is located in the Town Square Theatre. This is right at the front of the park on Main Street, U.S.A, to the right of the Railway Station as you walk in. You can get a Fastpass for this attraction if you wish, as queues can get quite long.

Now, unfortunately Mickey no longer talks as of May 2018, but if you have been before and met Talking Mickey, you were in for a treat. When the two mini Ticket Rangers met Talking Mickey on our last visit, he taught them how to wave a checkered flag at the end of a Roadster Race! Niall absolutely loved this, but Martha was more taken aback than anything, and became a little shy. She definitely prefers her characters silent, so the change will be welcomed by her at least!

Mickey Mouse is dressed as a magician at this Character Meet and when it is your turn to visit him, you enter behind the curtain right into his magical dressing room!

TIP - Keep an eye out for a disappearing rabbit in a hat over by his dressing table!

TIP – If you visit the Big Guy during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, he will be dressed in his holiday attire! This is high on the Ticket Rangers list of Must Dos!

Animal Kingdom

It is 4 ears for the price of 2, so to speak, when you visit Mickey at Animal Kingdom! Although Minnie is with him at a couple of the Meet and Greet stations, they are usually met separately, but at the Adventurers Outpost, located in Discovery Island, you get to have a double hug if the feeling so takes you! And of course the all important picture with your favourite Mouse couple! You can get a Fastpass for this Character Meet, as the standby lines can sometimes be rather long.

The adorable pair are dressed in their very best Safari gear at Animal Kingdom, we can only assume they have just been over to ride Kilimanjaro Safaris before we met them…

We love the interaction at this Meet and Greet, With having two children it is fabulous that both of them can have their own cuddles at the same time. Mickey played hide and seek with Martha behind his ears and drew hearts in the air when she cuddled into him.  He was also blown away by Niall’s pin collection on his hat, which of course he should be, they are all Mickey Heads :D 

TIP – If you visit at Christmas time, the guys are no longer in their safari clothes, but they are wearing their Christmas jumpers! Very cute!

Hollywood Studios

The Giant Sorcerers Hat that was once the icon of Hollywood Studios may be gone, but that doesn’t stop Mickey from still wearing his when you meet him!

He and Minnie are starring in their very own Tinsel Town production of Red Carpet Dreams, and although you can’t get a photograph with the two of them together, you do get to Meet and Greet Minnie in her dazzling Mouse couture frock before heading through to get a high 5 and a hug from the Big Cheese himself.


This Meet and Greet is located on Commissary Lane. It does not have a Fastpass option.

TIP – As always, don’t forget your autograph books, Celebrities just love to sign their names, and if you ask nicely, Minnie might even give it a little kiss too!


Ticket Rangers’ favourite Mickey Mouse meet is this, the Character Spot at Epcot! Fastpass is available for this meet. The Main Man is joined by his good friend Goofy and his lovely partner Minnie.

And why is it our favourite? Well there are 2 reasons… 1, because this is the only Meet and Greet where you will meet Mickey and Minnie in their traditional gettups, and 2, because in our opinion it is the best interaction with Mickey out of all the parks!

Now, we are real suckers for character meets, and as adults we love the interaction and photo opportunities, but since our little Ticket Rangers have came into the world and our couple trips became family vacations, meeting the characters now bring with them the most magical interactions and inevitable tears of happiness. 

Moments like these are the reason we, as a family, adore all aspects of visiting Orlando, Florida, and for real Disney nerds such as ourselves, it really is a dream come true every time.

“Kids, adults, men, women, EVERYBODY has a relationship with Mickey Mouse!”
Warren Spector

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