So with the big news of the week being the new water ride at Seaworld, Infinity Falls, opening, it got us thinking about our love of being drenched to the skin from the many water rides Orlando has to offer.
And up there with our favourites is without doubt Popeye at Universal’s Island’s of Adventure in the brilliant Toon Lagoon!

It has EVERYTHING you want in a water ride. Trust us, you are not leaving that raft dry!

The aim of the game, so to speak, is to get Olive Oyl back from the bad guy Bluto, who has stolen her from our spinach eating hero, Popeye. To save Popeye’s best gal, we must survive the Bilge-Rat Barges!

The queue and the ride itself is scattered with great comic strip cartoon type scenery, we love it.

This is a really fun, and drenching, whitewater rapid ride. It isn’t scary, so suitable for younger children, our son Niall absolutely loves it.
There are lots of small drops and twists and turns on the way, and the ride lasts a good long time, it isn’t over quickly.

There are canons and splashes and drops that soak you to the bone. I know I keep coming back to this, but this ride is going to get you very wet! There is no ‘safe seat’ like on other rides where you can stay a bit drier if you sit in a particular place, this is an all round (literally) no dry zone!

One of our favourite things about the ride for us, is that if your child is too young to go on the actual ride, then they can still join in the fun!

Over at ‘Me Ship – The Olive’ there are free water canons to squirt the people going past the ship on the rafts! Both kids absolutely love this. On Niall’s first visit when he was 2 years old we had to ride solo while the other one stayed with Niall. This was where we went, and waited for Mammy or Daddy to come past to squirt!

It is also a great area, where the kids can explore the ship and there are lots of play areas inside. It is NEVER busy, so the kids pretty much have the run of the place every time we go there.

Now the joke about there being a gift shop at the end of every ride is particularly important here, as if you do a Mammy Ticket Ranger and pack everybody else’s spare clothes apart from your own, then you will be needing to use it to buy a dress to wear to go for your evening meal, because you rode the wettest ride in the world on a night time when there was no sun to dry you off! You know, if you are anything like Mammy Ticket Ranger!

Because did we mention… you are going to be dripping wet!

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