Welcome to part 2 of our new feature – Ticket Rangers Recommend…

In this feature we will be recommending things we have personally loved doing while on holiday to Orlando Florida, whether that was as a family or on the visits before the little Ticket Rangers came along. This could be anything from our favourite things to do inside the many theme parks, such as Character Meets (which coincidentally was the topic of our first instalment, which you can find here), to our favourite non-theme park days out, places to eat or activities.

Now, this was meant to be a weekly feature, but we have just HAD to do an ‘inbetweeny’ recommendation, following the weekend’s news...

Imagine the scene, we were happily scrolling through our facebook feed, checking out all the latest Orlando shenanigans and catching up on Disney gossip when a post from the wonderful Watson’s Do Disney wiped that smile right from our faces!!

Nooooooo!! Say it ain't so!!

The Disney rumour mill is rife with the news that the powers that be at Magic Kingdom have decided to cut the Move it! Shake it! Dance and Play it! Street Party!

Now, there is nothing quite like a good Disney parade, getting to wave to your favourite characters, and occasionally getting a wave back, it really does make your day.

Now, imagine how excited you would be if your favourite characters then invited you up to the street to come and join them in a dance and a march along with lots more of your favourite characters!

Well that is just what happens at Move it! Shake it!

Niall was picked from the crowd to go marching with Genie (Mammy Ticket Ranger just couldn’t help but take Martha and join in too!) 

And Martha has got to dance with her absolute favourite character of all time, her brother from another (alien) mother (or evil scientist), Stitch!

The parade is interactive and so much fun, and that song…! We love it so much, we often catch each other humming or more often than not - outwardly singing “VAMOS! VAMOS!!” Infact, in our opinion it is up there with the songs that you can’t get out of your head after your visit, alongside such classics as ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Big Blue World’!

Some sources are saying that the street party is ending on October 6th, while others are saying Disney sources report it is actually dancing it’s last route on Saturday 1st December 2018. Either way, this makes us so so sad as we are HUGE fans.

This feels like another ‘favourite tradition’ that our family have started will soon be gone.

Disney insiders say that there will be a whole new Street Dance Party which will debut in early 2019, which I have no doubt will be brilliant too, Disney never disappoints! But for us, with such fond memories, I worry it just won’t live up!

It is worth the airfare alone for another trip before the end of the year just to get to boogie with the guys one last time before it disappears forever (allegedly), right??

TIP – Did you know if you you upload a picture to Instagram or Twitter during the parade of you and your family dancing and singing along with the hashtag #moveitshakeitpics, you may be shown up on the gift tag screens!!

Now, come on everyone, join in - “Vamos! Vamos! There’s a party going on….”

And let's keep those fingers crossed that this really is just a rumour and we are not saying 'So long' to this fabulous parade just yet!

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