Published: 19/03/2019

Toy Story 4 Full Trailer is Here!

We have had the teaser trailer, we have had the teaser art work and movie posters and we have nearly squealed ourseves silly with excitement at each new hint of what could be coming when Toy Story 4 is released.

And now, with just over 3 months left until the Disney Pixar's next installment of the fan favourite hits the big screen, the official full trailer is here, and we could not be happier about it!

The whole thing feels very familiar, which is such a relief when such a loved classic comes back for a new movie in the series.

Woody and new lead character Forky, set off on the road of adventure trying to get back to Bonnie.  Along the way though, the guys encounter lots of exciting adventures, as you would expect.

We see the return of Bo Peep and the introduction of a potential new 'baddie' - a dolly named Gabby Gabby.n  All the usual toys are seen too like Buzz, Rex and the gang.

Anyway, we could tell you more, but if you are anything like us you just want to get it watched, so here goes...

Enjoy! And don't forget to let us know what you think...

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