Best Travel Currency Options For Orlando

Ticket Rangers advise to take a mixture of cash and cards so that you don’t have all of your eggs(or dollars in this case) in one basket (or wallet...).

Try to make sure that if you lose one kind then you have another as backup and that you don’t keep everything all in the same place. Mitigate the risk of losing all your dollars as best you can as it can be a real holiday ruiner. We prefer to have enough cash to cover us for a few days and keep some with us and some in a hotel or villa safe. We will then have a card with us and a backup again locked in a safe.

Where should you get your dollars and cards from? Below are some of our favourites.


These are great prepayment cards that you can load up before you go and then use when on holiday. Extra cards can be added and linked. There are no fees assoicated with purchases abroad.  There are 3 cards on offer:-

  1. A Dollar card where you top up and get the exchange rate at the time in Dollars,
  2. A Euro card where you top up and get the exchange rate at the time in Euros.
  3. An Everywhre card where you can put Pounds onto the card and use it anywhere.  You'll get the local currency excahnge rate at the time of use and be charged in Pounds.

Similar to FairFX, another widely used travel card. There are no card purchase or annual fees, loading and reloading is free as are international point of sale transactions.  You can also take money out of an internatioanl ATM free of charge (although the ATM provider may charge you, Caxton do not).

Travelex have a currency travel card and are also a major player for getting your cash currency. The currency card comes with free wifi access worldwide courtesy of Boingo Hotspots.  There are free ATM withdrawals and usage abroad is free in 10 different currencies.  It is free to load foreign currency.  There's a £2pm charge if you have not used the card in over 12 months.

Post Office
The Post Office have a highly recommended travel card and also very competitive exchange rates for cash. The prepaid Mastercard stores up to 13 currencies and is accepted in over 200 countries.  Top-up using a moblle app and the cards are even contactless.

Check all of the different options out and make sure you understand the differing fees that you may encounter.  They are certainly a great option to have for travelling.  We couldn't do without ours.

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