Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ticket Rangers free to use?

Yes. It is entirely free to use and always will be.


Who are Ticket Rangers?

We are a family that are passionate about helping people experience the magic that Florida has to offer. Read our story here


How do Ticket Rangers make money?

Predominantly via being an affiliate of ticket sellers. Should you find the ticket(s) you want on our website and click through to a seller's site and make a purchase we will receive a percentage from the ticket seller.  We are not affiliates of all sellers and us being an affiliate or not does not impact on advice that we give.


How are Top Rated rankings determined?

To rank sellers it isn't the Ticket Rangers' opinion.  We give all sellers points based on the following criteria and order them most points to least.-

  • Are they an authorised seller?
  • Do they have an ABTA or ATOL registration?
  • Do they offer a deposit option?
  • Do they provide physical tickets?
  • Do they offer freebies?
  • Do they have independently verified reviews?
  • Do they have other reviews?
  • We combine the price of 3 of the most popular tickets on the market at each seller and give the lowest 5 sellers 2 points, the middle 5 get 1 points and the 4 most expensive get 0 points. 
  • We assign a further point for being a recent Travel Awards winner.


Are the ticket sellers legitimate?

Yes. You can search our sellers for authorised sellers of the likes of Disney, Universal and SeaWorld - these sellers have a contract with the actual parks and offer greater protection should anything go wrong.  We have also studied the market for many years and have checked all of the sellers we list including the sellers that do not have contracts with the parks and are not authorised sellers. If we receive lots of negative feedback about a seller and we feel that they are no longer a seller that we would spend our money with then they will be removed from our website.


What are the benefits of ATOL and ABTA?

ABTA and ATOL protection offer protection when booking holidays, packages etc.  It does not usually cover tickets unless booked as part of something else.  

Read the ABTA details here

Read the ATOL details here


Which ticket is best?

All of the tickets that we list are the best depending on your circumstances and requirements. Our great Ticket Finder and Which Ticket? guide will help you make the correct decision. If you are still struggling then you can email us, chat to us, facebook us or tweet us and we will be more than happy to help you.


The tickets listed do not match my requirements.

If the listed tickets do not match what you are looking for then contact us and we will give you the best alternatives from other markets.  We pride ourselves on being able to find the tickets for any scenario.  A common questions is from people in the UK wanting tickets for just a few days - don't worry, get in touch and we can help.


Why are some discount codes not listed?

All discount codes that are available to everybody to use and widely publicised by the sellers will be published by Ticket Rangers.  We know that some other sites, forums and groups have negotiated their own discount codes with some sellers but we do not feel it is ehtical to list them here.  Those places rely on traffic and users as much as we do and so we have decided to leave them off.  We will periodically have our own codes so keep your eyes peeled.


When should you buy tickets?

Whenever you are comfortable and happy with the price. There is no exact science behind when is best to buy. All Ticket Rangers would advise it to buy before your fast pass window opens at Disney (if you are going to Disney). This will give you the best chance of getting the fast passes for the most popular rides and save you a lot of time waiting in line.


Do Ticket Rangers have a favourite ticket seller?

Yes and no - let us explain.  We believe they can all offer something different to our users and can be the best depending on what somebody is looking for.  Some sellers offer great value, an amazing customer experience and invest heavily in the market to make purchasing tickets as good an experience as possible.  The cost can be a little bit more but the extra value is often very much worth it.  Some other sellers are more 'no frills' and concentrate almost solely on price.  We strive to give all of the information to allow you to find the tickets and sellers that align most with what you are looking for.  Think of sellers a bit like airlines.  Some include baggage, check-in, seat selection, drinks, meals whilst others give you a seat and charge extra for anything else.  The ticket market is pretty similar.  


What is the difference between physical tickets, e-tickets and vouchers?

Firstly, all the tickets from all of our sellers are real and will all get you into the theme parks. We have made a conscious decision to not use 'real' in relation to physical tickets in our descriptions here at Ticket Rangers as we believe it gives an unfair implication to the other types of ticket.

A physical ticket is, generally, one that is sent to you in the post, or collected from a seller's office, and is gate ready – meaning you can take it straight to the theme park(s) gate and gain entrance.  They provide a buzz when they pop through the post box and often come in nice envelopes with some extra info.  We think these types of tickets give a much better 'experience'. 

An e-ticket is, generally, one that is emailed to you and you can print it out yourself or use an app to store it. They tend to have barcodes that are scanned at the gate and are gate ready.

We class a voucher as something that is not gate ready and you will need to redeem before gaining entry to a theme park. Disney have Will Call kiosks outside the parks and Universal have similar machines where you can redeem them. They are often a little bit cheaper but you may have to wait in long lines to redeem them. 


A price or some details are wrong – what should you do?

Just let us know and we will update it as soon as we can. Ticket sellers are often changing things and there can be a delay before we catch up.  Our main price upgrade is overnight but any major changes, usually over £/$2 will be made as soon as we see them.


Do I need to park hop?

Park hopping (visit more than one park, on the same ticket, on a given day) gives you more flexibility. It is not essential at Disney, but if you want to ride the Hogwarts Express at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure then you must have a ticket that includes park hopping otherwise you will not be allowed to ride. Ticket Rangers use park hopping a lot at the Universal parks but very, very rarely at Disney. Some people use it extensively. It is a personal choice and we are happy to chat to you about it if you require help making a decision.


Is a combo better than buying individual, standard tickets?

Quite often you can make a saving as a seller can combine shipping, processing and employee costs by selling tickets as a combo. This is not always the case and often there will not be a combo that meets your requirements. It is worth checking out the price buying individually and then comparing against the best combo.


Which parks should you visit?

Read our attraction guides to get a feel for what each of them have to offer, stick to your budget and go from there. We love them all but time and finances play a part. We can help you weigh up the pros and cons – get in touch!


What should you do when travelling soon?

If you are unsure that tickets would be delivered in time then you can filter for an e-ticket or voucher. Check the terms of the sellers and they will tell you how quickly they can have tickets to your inbox. In most cases it is a matter of hours, or if you so wish, a lot of sellers with local offices allow you pick tickets up from there or have them delivered to your hotel.


Do infants need a ticket?

Only at LegoLand. It is a few dollars but infants aged 2 and under are free elsewhere.


How to keep your tickets safe

Take a photo of the front and back, save a copy to your phone, print a copy or leave it in your inbox. Try and have at least one backup as things are easily misplaced or forgotten.


Why do some tickets have an estimated price?

Some sellers do not include tax or fees in their displayed prices so we try to calculate this as accurately as possible to give a fairer comparison with other sellers.

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