Cheap Orlando Car Hire

Of all the things that we need to buy for a trip to Orlando we firmly believe that car hire prices are the most volatile and varied. Day to day, hour to hour, company to company - the prices can be hugely different. You can save a lot of money by shopping around and comparing different places. All of the places we check for bargains are below and we strongly recommend you check them all to see what you can find.  If you are interested in sourcing your own insurance excess policies to use with a package holiday car hire then skip to the end.

If you would like an excellent, professional and personal service then we really recommend Andy @ Discount Florida Car Hire.  His reputation on the many Orlando forums and social media groups is brilliant.  You can search for deals from the biggest car hire companies on his site plus your booking will include a free sat nav.  We think that he encompasses the Ticket Rangers spirit but instead of tickets he knows all there is to know about Florida Car Hire. 

A Ticket Ranger Top Tip is to keep an eye out for companies like Alamo and Avis where you can avoid going to the counter at the airport and head straight to the garage to collect your car.

Alamo offer Skip the Counter where you can complete everything online before you go, go straight to the Alamo garage (at participating airports) and pick any car from the category that you have paid for. Avis have a membership scheme called Avis Preferred that works in a similar fashion. You head straight to their garage and find your name on the board with a reference to your allocated car. Go to the car, hop in and away you go. The only exception is that on your first use of the Preferred scheme you will have to pop into the little kiosk in the garage.

You can compare prices from a lot of providers at as well or visit the direct providers using the links below.


Another competitive site to have a look at is US Rent a Car

Did you book a package holiday with free car hire and are now need to arrange excess insurance?  This can be quite expensive if you take the offers from the package provider.  You MUST have insurance that includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Supplementary Liabiility Insurance (SLI).  It's simply not worth the risk driving in the US without it. 

There are providers who sell excess insurnace packages that will cover you for CDW and SLI as part of them.  For 2 weeks you can usually find a good policy for less than £70 on somewhere like  Ticket Rangers have personally used these and it worked well.  A word of caution - they work differently to the policies that you can get from the travel company.  A travel company insurace package will pay costs up front for you but a standalone policy usually means you pay and then claim the money back from the insurance company.  If you choose this option it is a good idea to have a credit card with enough credit on to cover any potential costs.  These are not for everybody and need some research - we aim to give a brief guide but we are not insurance experts and you should read up before deciding if it will work for you and your circumstances. 

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