Orlando Florida 14 Park Combo Tickets

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Orlando 14 Park ticket

What parks are included in the Orlando 14 park combo ticket?

Included in this fantastic bundle you will be able to have 14 day unlimited access to Magic Kingdom®, Disney's Animal Kingdom®, Epcot®, Disney's Hollywood Studios®, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon®, Disney's Blizzard Beach®, Universal Studios™, Universal's Islands of Adventure™, Universal's Volcano Bay™, SeaWorld®, Aquatica®, Busch Gardens®, LegoLand® and Kennedy Space Center.

This is going to be one fun filled, action packed holiday! 


What extras do I get as part of the Orlando 13 park combo?

You get THE LOT! Haha, pretty much.

This combo ticket will give you access to 13 of the best parks that Florida has to offer. It consists of a Disney® 14 Day Ultimate, a Universal™ 3 Park Explorer, a 3 for 2 SeaWorld®, Aquatica® & Busch Gardens® ticket and a 14 Day LegoLand® ticket. 

All adult Disney Ultimate tickets include free Memory Maker.  What is Memory Maker we hear you ask?  Well, situated across the Disney® parks you will find Disney® photographers that will take your photos in the best prime picture locations.  Get them to scan your magic band or ticket and they'll be linked to your online account for you to download and keep at a later date.  As an added bonus, you can also get ride photos and videos added to the account as well , these are a lot of fun and capture you at the best (most scary and unflattering) times of the ride!

You will also be able to use the Fastpass+ system so that you can book rides and shows 30 days in advance of when you'll be visiting the parks.  If you are staying on site in a Disney® hotel or property you get the added bonus of booking 60 days in advance!  

In addition to all of this you will also be able to have a round of mini golf each day included with the Disney® 14 Day Ultimate.  There are two mini golf courses for you to choose from: Disney's Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Course and Disney’s Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course.  For those really keen golf fans you are also able to use Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course although there are extra charges should you need to rent equipment etc. 

With this ticket bundle, you can park hop to your heart's content at all of the parks.  As long as each of the tickets is valid you can come and go as you please with no restrictions. 

This means that you can ride the Hogwarts Express™ from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley and back again for 14 solid days if you so wish when visiting the Universal™ parks.  And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t wish for that!

You can also visit as many Disney® parks in the same day as you would like. 

If you have staggered your ticket start dates then you can park hop at the Disney® parks if the Disney® ticket is valid, the Universal™ park if the Universal™ ticket is valid and the SeaWorld® parks if the SeaWorld® ticket is valid.  If one has expired it does not stop you park hopping at the others.  

LegoLand is open everyday except Tuesdays and Wednesdays between

11 September - 30 October 2018

6 November - 14 November 2018

27 November - 12 December 2018

*Also, it's worth remembering that each ticket that makes up this combo will have a different expiry depending on when you first use them. This can be a good money saver if you are going for more than 14 days as you could, for example, start the Disney® ticket on day 1 and have that valid for the first 14 days and then visit Universal™ on day 8 and have that valid for 14 days from that date. It is something that the Ticket Rangers regularly do on our longer visits.

Please note that combo tickets often have different names across the different sellers. At Ticket Rangers we have named each combo in a way that we feel best describes what the ticket is and then mapped this to the differing names on out sellers' sites. Rest assured that you will be directed to the combo you want even if the seller has given it a slightly different name.

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