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This Privacy Policy was last updated on 22nd May 2018


Ticket Rangers are committed to keeping your data safe. It is our policy to have as little of your data as possible whilst still allowing the website to operate correctly. We will continuously monitor our procedures and the data we hold as set out in GDPR.


Should you wish to contact us in relation to data protection, you can find our up to date contact information on our web site.


If you believe we store or process information about you, you can e-mail us to request a copy of this information and/or information about how we use this information. We will then take steps to verify your identity, before responding to your request. There is no fee payable for this service. If we do hold information about you, and you find it to be inaccurate, you may provide accurate information and ask us to correct this. You may also request that we erase data that we hold about you, or request that we refrain from processing it in a particular way, which, after verifying your identity, we will comply with where there isn't an overriding legal reason for us to continue to store or process your data in this way.


If you have any reason for complaint in regards to how we handle personal data please contact us immediately. You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.We will not transfer personal data outside the EU and the UK.


We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make significant changes we will let you know but please regularly check this policy to ensure you are aware of the most updated version.

When we store/process personal dataWhat data we store/processThe purpose(s) of storing/processing this data ("The purpose")Categories of recipients that we may disclose this data to and the purpose of such disclosureTime limitsConsequences of revoking permission for us to store/process this data or failing to provide the data
When you subscribe to our e-mail newslettersYour email address, the date and time you subscribed and how you subscribed.- To send you details of special offers, new products, and other general marketing information.
- To allow you to unsubscribe from our email newsletter service at any time.
The suppliers of the software and service that allows us to technically send e-mails to you.We plan to keep this data for as long as is necessary in order to send you e-mails, or in the case that you may have requested we no longer send you emails, in order to ensure that you don't receive any future marketing emails from us.We will no longer send you marketing emails, but if we don't store your email address and you place a future order with us, you will then start to receive marketing emails again. The best way to ensure you do not receive marketing emails from us is to use the "unsubscribe" link within one of the emails we have sent to you.
Which of our newsletters you have opened, and (if applicable) which areas in our newsletters that you have clicked on.- To allow us to tailor product recommendations, offers and other marketing to you to make it more interesting/targeted.
- For statistical purposes to allow us to see how effective our advertising and marketing is (helping us to have a more informed approach to future advertising and marketing).
The suppliers of the software and service that allows us to technically send e-mails to you.24 months, after which we will only store this data in an aggregated, statistical format that will render the kept data completely unidentifiable.We will not be able to tailor the information we send to you as effectively.
When you contact us via a form on our web siteThe information that you have entered into the form, your IP address, how you found our web site.- In order to respond to and/or fulfil your message/request.
- In order to ensure your message is genuine.
- For statistical purposes to allow us to see how effective our advertising and marketing is (helping us to have a more informed approach to future advertising and marketing).
Any suppliers necessary in order to fulfil your message/request and check your message is genuine. Our suppliers that run the secure servers that power our web site (to allow us to obtain and use your data) and help to run our advertising.This will depend on the need to keep your information, which will depend on the nature of your message/request.We will be unable to fulfil your request or respond to your message.


Security measures to protect the data: All of the data detailed above is collected via our web site/system which offers a secure connection for any data you provide and the data is stored and used securely, with only authorised personnel (and authorised personnel of our suppliers) having access to your data in order to carry out "The Purpose" (as listed above).


Will Ticket Ranger sell data?

Never. Under no circumstances whatsoever.



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Security of your personal information

All Ticket Rangers employees that have access to personal information are trained and fully aware of their obligation, both by law and contractually, to respect your personal information and its confidentiality whilst processing it.


External sites has links to external sites. Ticket Rangers Ltd, the trading company and owners of, are not responsible for the content on any of the external sites. We advise that you read the privacy policy of any external site before submitting any personal information to them.

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