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Choose Your Adventure

Which parks are included in the 3 Visit Choose Your Adventure Seaworld® tickets?

You have the choice of visiting any 3 parks from the following - SeaWorld®, Aquatica®, Busch Gardens® or Adventure Island®.  You also get free parking at any of the parks with this ticket.

How long does my ticket last?

You get 14 days of unlimited admissions to any of SeaWorld®, Aquatica®, Busch Gardens® and Adventure Island®.  Your ticket expires 14 days after the first use.  All that remains to be asked is, how many times can you stomach Mako, Manta, Kraken, SheiKra, Montu, Falcon's Fury and Dolphin Plunge?

What kind of ticket will I get with the Choose your Adventure combo?

If you buy tickets for the SeaWorld® Parks in the vast majority of cases you will receive an EzTicket. They are A4 sized tickets with a bar code on that is scanned at the park gate. Many sellers will say that they provide a physical ticket and many will say e-ticket. It's the same ticket apart from some sellers will print them out and send them to you and the others will email you them and allow you to printout them out yourself.

Who is the best Ticket Seller to buy from?

Currently you can only buy these tickets direct from Seaworld® Parks online.

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