Universal Orlando 2 Park Base Tickets

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2 Park Base ticket

Parks Included:

  • Universal Studios™
  • Universal's Islands of Adventure™

Park Hopping: No

Valid for Hogwarts Express™: No

Volcano Bay access: No

Number of visits allowed: Varies

Ticket expires: 7 days after first use

A 2 Park Base ticket gives you access to both Universal Studios Florida™and Universal's Islands of Adventure™ although you can only visit one per day.

These are cheaper than park-to-park tickets and ideal if you do not want to park hop, ride the Hogwarts Express™ or visit Universal's Volcano Bay™. These tickets are available for between 2 and 5 days admission and expire 7 days from first use.

Universal™ tickets come in a number of formats. Gate ready e-tickets can be printed out and taken straight to the gate but be advised to take something that will keep them dry as there are a number of attractions where you will get wet. Very, very wet.

A lot of providers will provide a physical, gate ready ticket the size of a credit card or you can receive a voucher that can be used at an automated kiosk outside the park gates. At peak times there can be a queue to use the automated kiosks but more often than not you can walk up and have your gate ready tickets in a minute or two.

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