Published: 13/02/2019

Frozen 2 Trailer Released

Do you wanna see a trailer??

Come on, click go and play...


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Published: 11/02/2019

Kevin from Up roaming Animal Kingdom

Wilderness Explorers everywhere are jumping a little joyful leap with today's videos coming out of Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Disney insiders announced a little while ago that they had plans which involved Kevin, the adorable FEMALE bird from Up.

And today it looks like we finally got to see her in action!


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When you think of Aladdin, if you are anything like me, you think of Robin Williams as the hilarious Genie.

So taking on that role for anyone will be a big ask, especially in a live action version of the Disney Classic.

But then up steps Will Smith and you start to think 'Well if anyone can...'

Last night saw the first official trailer aired during the Grammys, and we got to finally see our new lamp dwelling, wish making, joke cracking Genie in all his blue glory, and over here at Ticket Rangers HQ, we liked what we saw! 


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Hang on to your hats cowboys, the new TV advert for the much anticipated Toy Story 4 movie was aired last night after the Super Bowl LIII.

It sees Woody and Bo Peep turning up at a carnival and waiting for Buzz to arrive. Little do they know that he won't show because he has been taken and added as a top prize in a carnival game!

While there he meets two of the new characters, who we had previously seen in the last teaser trailer.

I am not quite sure who is more excited for this, us or the kids!!

(Thats a lie, it is definitely us!!)

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This may come as no surprise to anyone who knows our family, but we tend to spend A LOT of our time whilst in Florida at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

As cliché as it sounds, I really do get the feeling of coming ‘home’ when I walk into Hogsmeade, the train conductor from the Hogwarts Express welcomes me and the snow lined buildings entice me in, then I round that corner and see Hogwarts and it’s Niagara Falls baby!

However, there is one sign that I am drawn to the most every time, the Butterbeer - it calls to me!!


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