On this magical day in February, that only comes around every 4 years, the Ticket Rangers cried. Mammy Ticket Ranger regretted not wearing her waterproof mascara and Daddy Ticket Ranger regretted being a gentleman and giving his wife the tissues because he was soon blubbing alongside her!

And why is it we were crying on Feb 29th you may ask?
Well, it is all Disney Pixar’s fault!

You see, we went to a special preview screening of the newest movie from the Disney Pixar team, Onward, ahead of it’s official UK release - next Friday 6th March.

And, as is the tradition of all good Disney Pixar movies… we left the cinema with empty popcorn buckets and full hearts!

Without giving anything away, I can tell you that all 4 Ticket Rangers absolutely loved this heart-warming tale, and that there was something for all of us, even though we range in age from 21 (Ahem) down to 3 years old, we all laughed and cried and oooed and ahhed throughout!

Onward is the story of two brothers, Ian (voiced by Spiderman actor Tom Holland, something which Junior Ticket Ranger Niall’s eagle ears picked straight up on) and Barley (Guardians of the Galaxy’s one and only Star Lord – Chris Pratt) - searching their once magical world for some of that forgotten power to help them to spend a precious 24 hours with their Dad, who had sadly died while they were very young.

See, now you get why the tears!

Photo Credit - Disney Pixar
Photo Credit - Disney Pixar

The world that was once full of magic is now using modern technology to do the things that magic once did, because, you know, magic takes hard work and light bulbs just turn on with a flick of a switch! Unicorns are feasting on people’s leftovers from their rubbish bins and centaurs are using cars to get from A to B instead of running, as their ancestors once did!

But the brother's need to re-engage with magic to make their deepest darkest wish come true, spending the day with their Father.

Disney Pixar done what they do best with this film... they make sure that no matter the age of the audience that everyone will enjoy it, and that is such a clever thing to be able to do! They make you laugh, they make you cry and occasionally they make you laugh while crying!

Junior Ticket Ranger Niall was glued, totally engrossed in the adventure that was unfolding on the big screen in front of him, and Mini Ticket Ranger Martha made the whole screen do a collective ‘Awww’ when at one point, in the silence, she shouted out “I just lurrrrve unicorns, they are so sooo lovely!” Haha, nobody can argue with that really!

Disney Pixar once again meet all the criteria we ask of them again and again with Onward. It has nods to Dungeons and Dragons, and even a little bit of a Lord of the Rings feel. It has the heart-warming yet heart-breakingness of the likes of Coco, Upside Down and Up and also a great set of side characters that are hilariously dotted throughout to make this movie something special.

It gets the definite seal of approval from the Ticket Rangers, and we would definitely recommend letting Onward fill your world with wonder, just like it promises!

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