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Encounters with wild animals, wild attractions and wild rides is awaiting you when you visit Busch Gardens. Perfect for all the family, there is something for everyone. The thrill rides in Busch Gardens are amongst the best and most exhilarating in any of the Florida theme parks.

The African theme to the park immerses you and with amazing animal encounters, safaris, live shows aswell as many great rides, you will enjoy every second of your adventure when visiting Busch Gardens.



Attractions & Rides
Special Events and Tours

Busch Gardens® Attractions & Rides

  • Air Grover
  • Carousel Caravan
  • Cheetah Hunt
  • Cobra’s Curse
  • Congo River Rapids
  • Falcon’s Fury
  • Gwazi Gliders
  • Jungle Flyers
  • Kumba
  • Montu
  • Phoenix
  • Rosita’s Djembe Fly-Away
  • Sand Serpentine
  • Scorpion
  • Serengeti Railway
  • SheiKra
  • Skyride
  • Stanley Falls Flume
  • Ubanga-Banga-Bumper Cars
  • Wild Surge

Busch Gardens® Entertainment


  • A is for Africa
  • Elmo Rocks
  • Iceploration
  • Kareebu Jungala
  • Motor City Groove
  • Opening Night Critters
  • Rock a Doo Wop
  • Treasures of the Mirage
  • Turn It Up

Entertainment/Animal Attractions:

Animal Feeding Opportunities 

  • Animal Connections
  • Lory Landing
  • Kangaloom
  • Serengeti Safari
  • Animal Care Centre
  • Serengeti Plain
  • The Wildlife Docs

Busch Gardens® Dining

  • Bengal Bistro
  • Dragon Fire Grill and Pub
  • Garden Gate Cafe
  • Lunch with Elmo and Friends
  • Serengeti Overlook Pub and Restaurants
  • Zagora Cafe
  • Zambia Smokehouse

Busch Gardens® Special Events and Tours

  • Animal Care Centre Tour - This behind-the-scenes tour takes guests inside the treatment rooms, labs and surgical suites where Busch Gardens' vets take care of the park's animals. Plus, you may get a chance to meet one of the vets featured on The Wildlife Docs!
  • Elephant Insider - Find out how Busch Gardens cares for one of the world’s largest land animals and get up-close to Busch Gardens’ Asian elephants.
  • Elite Adventure Tour - A seven-hour private tour is the most exclusive way to experience Busch Gardens as you can customise your own adventure alongside a personal guide. Included is front-of-the-line access on rides, a Serengeti Safari tour and a complimentary lunch at one of Busch Gardens' restaurants.
  • Guided Adventure Tour - A five-hour group tour in which you experience the best of Busch Gardens. An expert guide will lead you to front-of-the-line accessfor rides and you will get to have up-close encounters with the animals on a Serengeti Safari. This tour includes a complimentary lunch at one of Busch Gardens' restaurants.
  • Heart of Africa - Busch Gardens' animal care specialists take you on a wlaking tour with up-close animal encounters with some of the most iconic African species like hippos, cheetahs and lions.
  • Keeper for a Day - In this excuslive experience you will get to  work alongside Busch Gardens' animal care team and see what it’s like to care for exotic species and also get to feed giraffes and antelopes.
  • Penguin Insider Tour - Get up close and personal behind the scenes of Penguin Point and meet the penguinsand their keepers.
  • Serengeti Safari - Take a trek across the 65-acre Serengeti Plain on an open-air touring vehicle and hand feed giraffes.
  • Tiger Insider Tour - On this 30 minute tour you get to meet the tigers and their keepers behind the scenes of Jungala.

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