Disney and SeaWorld Combo Tickets

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Disney & SeaWorld Parks ticket

    What parks are included in the Disney® and Seaworld® combo ticket?

    Your combo ticket will give you 14 days unlimited access to Magic Kingdom®, Disney's Animal Kingdom®, Epcot®, Disney's Hollywood Studios®, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon®, Disney's Blizzard Beach®, SeaWorld®, Aquatica® and Busch Gardens®.

    What extras are included in this ticket?

    All adult Disney Ultimate tickets include free Memory Maker.  Memory Maker is a brilliant free addition to UK tickets... Situated across the parks you will find Disney® photographers that will take your photos in the most picturesque locations.  They then scan your magic band or ticket and the pictures are linked to your online account for you to download and keep.  As part of the package, you also get your ride photos and videos as well, these are always great fun.

    With these tickets you are also able to use the Fastpass+ system meaning that you can book rides and shows 30 days in advance. However, if you are staying on site in a Disney® hotel or property you get the added bonus of being able to book 60 days before visiting!  

    As part of your Disney® tickets you are able to have a round of mini golf each day.  There are two mini golf courses for you to choose from: Disney's Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Course and Disney’s Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course.  If you are a keen golf fan and want the full 18 holes then you are also able to use Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course, you will need to pay the extra charges should you need to rent equipment etc though.  

    Another great bonus is that you get FREE parking at all 3 Seaworld® parks, meaning you will save $17 each time you visit Seaworld®, Busch Gardens® and Aquatica® for the duration of your stay.

    Are the water parks open all year round?

    No, the Disney® water parks are seasonal, meaning that between October and March one of either Disney's Typhoon Lagoon® and Disney's Blizzard Beach® will usually be closed for refurbishment.
    However, Aquatica® is open 365 days, so you are able to use this all year round.

    Can I park hop with this ticket?

    Yes, you can, although with this combo ticket you are more likely to use the Disney park hopping, meaning you can visit as many Disney theme parks as you like in one day, so you could potentially spend the morning over at Hollywood Studios in Toy Story Land and then hop over to Epcot in the afternoon for food and drinks around the world.
    Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica are further away from each other so although you can park hop, it is not a particularly practical use of time to do so. If you were to park hop between the parks, Seaworld and Aquatica are the closest of the 3 to do so.

    When does the ticket expire?

    This combo ticket will give you access to all of the parks Walt Disney World® and SeaWorld® have to offer. It consists of a Disney® 14 Day Ultimate and a 3 for 2 SeaWorld®, Aquatica® & Busch Gardens® ticket. You receive all the great benefits of each ticket such as park hopping, memory maker and free parking at the SeaWorld® Parks.

    *Also, it's worth remembering that each ticket that makes up this combo will have a different expiry depending on when you first use them. This can be a good money saver if you are going for more than 14 days as you could, for example, start the Disney® ticket on day 1 and have that valid for the first 14 days and then visit SeaWorld® on day 8 and have that valid for 14 days from that date. It is something that the Ticket Rangers regularly do on our longer visits.

    Please note that combo tickets often have different names across the different sellers. At Ticket Rangers we have named each combo in a way that we feel best describes what the ticket is and then mapped this to the differing names on out sellers' sites. Rest assured that you will be directed to the combo you want even if the seller has given it a slightly different name.

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