Kennedy Space Center Tickets and Review

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Kennedy Space Center

Florida’s gateway to space!

Kennedy Space Center is not only a Visitor Center but also an actual launch site, having launched shuttles for some of America’s most important missions.

Spend hours exploring the NASA world-class facility, launchpads and rocket exhibits like Saturn V. There is a simulated Shuttle Launch Experience, IMAX films and actual Astronaut Encounters.
A must for any wannabe Astronauts


Special Events and Tours

Kennedy Space Center Attractions

Mission Zones:

  • Heroes and Legends (Space Pioneers)
  • Behind The Gates (Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour)
  • Race To The Moon (Apollo Moon Landing)
  • Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other (NASA’s Space Shuttle Program)
  • NASA Now and Next (Preparing for Journey to Mars)

Kennedy Space Center Dining

  • G Force Grill
  • Lunch With An Astronaut
  • Milky Way
  • Moon Rock Cafe
  • Orbit Cafe
  • Rocket Fuel Food Truck
  • Rocket Garden Cafe
  • Space Dots

Kennedy Space Center Special Events and Tours

  • Lunch with an Astronaut
  • Launches (Please see website for specific dates)
  • Meet Astronauts (Dates and Astronauts specified on website)

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