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    Which parks are included with the Universal 3 Park Explorer?

    What else is included with the tickets?

    Are there any restrictions with the 3 Park Explorer ticket?

    Can I park hop with the Universal 3 Park Explorer ticket?

    When does the 3 Park Explorer expire?

    Where is the best place to buy the 3 Park Explorer from?

    Did you know?


    Which Parks Are Included?

    The 3 Park Explorer entitles you to 14 days of unlimited access to Universal Studios™, Universal's Islands of Adventure™ and Universal's Volcano Bay™ with no date restrictions.


    What Else Is Included?

    This ticket, which is an exclusive to UK guests and only available before you travel, also gives access to some of the free events on Universal CityWalk™ although some events may have age restrictions.  There's often great stuff going on and it is worth checking when you're there in case something tickles your fancy.  

    You can use this ticket on any day of the year with absolutely no date restrictions. 

    All guests at Volcano Bay™ get to use the new TapuTapu™ system which introduces virtual queues. 


    Are There Any Restrictions With The Ticket?

    The ticket is not valid for special events like Halloween Horror Nights™ and Blue Man Group would also require you to buy an extra ticket.  Parking costs extra on top of the ticket and you'll have to pay for the majority of attractions on Universal CityWalk™ like the cinema.   


    Can I Park Hop?

    Yes you can.  As much or as little as you want.  We think that park hopping is even more important at Universal than it is at Disney because Universal Studios™ and Universal's Islands of Adventure™ are so close to each other.  You can walk along Universal CityWalk™ from the entrance of one to the entrance of the other in just a few minutes.  That is unless you get the urge to pop in the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium en-route!  Then there is the fact that park hopping means you can ride the absolutely fantastic Hogwarts Express™ in both directions.  Make sure that you do both directions as it is a different experience for each. 


    When Does It Expire?

    The ticket will expire after 14 days (including the date of first use).  If you start the ticket on the 1st of the month then the ticket will expire on the 14th.  This means that it would, for example, run from Saturday 1st to Friday 14th. 

    All 3 Park Explorer tickets needs to be activated (first used) by the 31st December of the year that you buy the ticket for otherwise it will expire and be forfeited.  


    Where Is The Best Place To Buy It From?

    The Top Rated recommendations are made by giving points to sellers if they meet the most important and popular criteria.  You can see a more detailed description in our FAQs.  All of the sellers we list below are good places to get the ticket from depending on your needs.  We only list sellers that we have researched and trust and would actually use ourselves.  What we do is to use the filters and refine the tickets.  We check the freebies on offer and see where we can find the best value or pay a deposit should we need one.  


    Did You Know?

    It is possible to upgrade your Universal 3 Park Explorer to an Annual Pass if you think you may be going back again within a year.  An upgrade to a 2 Park Seasonal Pass (no Volcano Bay™ included and there are a few date restrictions around busy holiday periods) can be done for around $6 per person!  It's certainly worth a visit to guest services when you're over there to see what your options are.  You can never have enough visits to Universal, can you?


    Tip: The 3 Park Explorer ticket is often the same price as the 2 Park Explorer ticket so you can get entry to Volcano Bay included for no extra cost.


    Universal tickets come in a number of formats. Gate ready e-tickets can be printed out and taken straight to the gate but be advised to take something that will keep them dry as there are a number of attractions where you will get wet. Very, very wet. A lot of providers will provide a physical, gate ready ticket the size of a credit card or you can receive a voucher that can be used at an automated kiosk outside the park gates. At peak times there can be a queue to use the automated kiosks but more often than not you can walk up and have your gate ready tickets in a minute or two.

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